R&D / Technologies Owned by Company

- Natural substitute for the antibiotics to alleviate immunologic diseases, such as allergy due to abnormality, by using specific microorganisms that are involved in the activation of immunologic cells.
Natural antibiotic substitutes
- Development of the natural substitute for the antibiotics to root out the remains of antibiotics and the expression of resistant microbes fundamentally and enhance the productivity.
- Acquired the patent in America for the first time in Korea
Natural inhibitor of virus
- Development, patent registration and successful industrialization of the species-specific virus
Starter for fermented foods
- Development of starters that create superb flavor and fragrance of various fermented foods and also provide excellent anti-bacterial power
Environment improvement – Reduction of bad-smelling
- Improvement of the livestock farming environment through the dramatic reduction of the foul-odor generating materials (Ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and low-grade fatty acid)
Environment improvement – Fishery environment improvement.
- Improvement of aqua farming environment through the technological fusion of immune stimulation, bio-control and bioremediation
Environmentally friendly agriculture
- Development of microbial consortia that can specifically prevent the damages by blight and harmful insects from occurring to plants.
Environment remediation
- Biological remediation technology for the environment contaminated by refractory materials and ecology disturbing materials
- Microbial remediation technology for the petroleum oil contaminated environment (sea, soil, etc.)
- Microalgal biomass-utilized technologies for the massive fixation of carbon dioxide as well as for the production of bio-diesel

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